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December 11, 2018


Christmas Delivery

Don't delay purchasing that perfect gift, order before midday 20/12/18 for Christmas Delivery.

Latest Recommended Postings Dates from Royal Mail

18 December

  • 2nd Class
  • Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class

20 December

  • 1st Class
  • Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class
  • Royal Mail Tracked 48®*

21 December

  • Royal Mail Tracked 24®*

22 December

  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®
September 21, 2018


Apple iPhones 2018 Compared | iPhone XS, XS Max, XR | TORRO

We've created a little infographic below to give everyone a simple snapshot comparison of the new 2018 Apple iPhones; The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.
Hold tight. We'll be launching a more in-depth review of the new 2018 iPhones once we've had a chance to test out our new iPhones here at TORRO HQ!
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September 04, 2018


New 2018 iPhone Rumours | TORRO

A summary of the new 2018 iPhone rumours in advance of the September launch.

New 2018 iPhones

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August 21, 2018


When will 5G arrive?

The digital world has developed at a rapid rate since the revolution began in 1947. These advancements witnessed around the world have become an integral part of our daily lives and have allowed us to lead a more sufficient and sustainable lifestyle online. However, one development has been anticipated more than any other — the introduction of 5G.

You’ve probably heard the likes of 3G and 4G, but do you how 5G will benefit you?

5G Internet

Understanding what is meant by 5G

Similar to the likes of 3G and 4G, 5G stands for fifth generation in association with mobile networks. Simply put, it’s the evolvement of mobile internet connectivity.

"Whatever we do now with our smartphones, we'll be able to do faster and better. Think of smart glasses featuring augmented reality, mobile virtual reality, much higher quality video, the internet of things making cities smarter.

"But what's really exciting is all the new services that will be built that we can't foresee."

That was one comment from Ian Fogg from OpenSignal to the BBC.

Each generation of mobile networks has had a profound impact on our lives, but how?

  • Introduced in the 1980s, first-generation networks were analogue and allowed voice to be carried.
  • 2G launched in the 1990s and phones which were compatible with this network could send both text messages and picture messages.
  • 3G arrived in the early part of the new millennium and brought with it access to mobile data and video calling.
  • 4G was ushered in during the second decade of the new millennium, with phones and networks alike designed so that they could support mobile internet and achieve faster speeds when someone used a mobile device for video streaming, gaming, and similar activities.

What are the benefits of 5G?

As 5G is still in development and is not expected to arrive until 2019, there’s a lot of information that cannot be disclosed. However, it is thought to be a lot faster than previous generations.

Some reports around 5G have suggested that download speeds will be between 1GB/s (1,000Mbit/s) and 10GB/s (10,000Mbit/s). To understand that figure fully, previously, 3G has offered download speeds of 384Kbit/s, before 4G enhanced this figure to 100Mbit/s and top-end 4G networks. This was otherwise known as 4G+ and had the capability of download speeds of 300Mbit/s.

But what does this mean for our mobile usage? The below table compares the average download speeds of 4G and the expected 5G times according to Qualcomm.


12-track music album

App 1GB in size

A two-hour full-HD movie

A 30-minute TV show in 4K


6 seconds

54 seconds

105 seconds

580 seconds


0.2 seconds

2 seconds

3 seconds

23 seconds

Although this fifth generation of mobile networks is set to be much quicker, it’s also rumored that it will offer a much lower latency at around one millisecond in comparison to 3G (120 milliseconds) and 4G (45 milliseconds) which took considerably longer.

Essentially, this upgrade will encompass a smoother streaming process for online content. Not only that, you should expect better quality video and voice calls as well as more reliable mobile connections. As the Internet of Things grows in popularity, expect more devices too — including more advanced technology across smart cities and autonomous vehicles.

Gaining access to 5G

Before 5G comes into play, you must understand that you will require a phone that has access to a 5G network to connect to 5G. So much so, that some devices that were released with 4G networks in mind may not be able to connect and if they can, you may experience some additional costs to do so.

5G will not replace previous generations of network connectivity, though. Alternatively, it may link with these networks to offer a similar experience to all mobile users around the world; so, no one misses out on this great technological development. As a result, the older networks will act as back-up in areas that is not covered by the new 5G coverage.

When will we see the introduction of 5G?

Although there is no official date for the introduction of 5G, it is expected to be within the next two years — either being released in 2019 or 2020. Developments for the technology have already begun, with the following organisations set to trial 5G speeds by the end of 2018:

  1. AT&T
  2. BT
  3. China Telecom
  4. China Mobile
  5. China Unicom
  6. Deutsche Telekom
  7. KDDI
  8. KT
  9. LG U+
  10. NTT Docomo
  11. Orange
  12. Singtel
  13. SK Telecom
  14. Sprint
  15. Telstra
  16. TIM
  17. Verizon
  18. Vodafone Group

The following device makers are working with Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem in 2019:

  1. Asus
  2. Fujitsu
  3. HMD (incorporating Nokia phones)
  4. HTC
  5. Inseego
  6. LG
  7. NetComm Wireless
  8. Netgear
  9. Oppo (incorporating OnePlus & Oppo phones)
  10. Sierra Wireless
  11. Sharp
  12. Sony
  13. Telit
  14. Vivo
  15. Wingtech
  16. WNC
  17. Xiaomi
  18. ZTE

“The commitment by so many carriers and handset makers underscores the reality that 5G — after years of hype — is finally upon us. The technology, which promises faster and more responsive wireless networks, is expected to radically transform our world and power other burgeoning tech like self-driving cars and the vast universe of connected devices that make up the Internet of Things,” was one quote extracted from tech-publication, CNET.

The digital age is not shy of developments and 5G is just one area that you should be looking forward to. When it comes to updating your device, why not check out our iPhone cases too?

June 28, 2018


What Is Wireless Qi Charging & How Does It Work? | TORRO Cases

A simple guide to wireless Qi charging, how it works, and what mobile phones are compatible. Take a look at TORRO wireless Qi charging pad, designed specifically for fuss-free wireless charging.

Made from our genuine Black Napa Leather and only 0.6 cm thick, our stylish wireless charging pad is the perfect addition for your wireless charging compatible mobile phones. 

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May 18, 2018


Who is behind the scenes at TORRO......

Meet Laura our Administrator

Laura not only provides our lovely customers with excellent customer service, she is also the one behind the camera! Laura takes all of our product and social media imagery. 

Laura is a talented professional photographer in her own right, who specialises in weddings and family portraits. Lauras journey into photography started when her father gave her a disposable camera when she was 8 years old.

Laura promotes fun, relaxing and enjoyable photoshoots with the odd cake smash on the way....want to know more view her website Willow and Hare 

At TORRO our talented team infuse their inspiration into their work and our culture. This drives us each day but what inspires you?


February 27, 2018

1 Comment

Who is behind the scenes at TORRO...

Meet Gemma our Customer Service Advisor and Translator.

Gemma not only provides our lovely customers with excellent customer service, she also translates in three other languages - German, French and Spanish! Which comes in very useful for our growing market places. 

If that wasn't talented enough, she is also an artist in her own right! Gemma is a talented self-taught artist, who specialises in pet and animal portraits, as well as portraits of people. Gemma works on a commission basis, accommodating clients’ wishing to produce top-quality artwork. If you would like to see more of Gemma’s work please take a look at her website here: http://gemmanolanart.co.uk

Below are a few sketches Gemma is working on for our TORRO Cases feature 'What inspires you?' 

All TORRO products are originally designed. Starting as inspired ideas and evolving into handcrafted tactile everyday essentials.
At TORRO our talented team infuse their inspiration into their work and our culture. This drives us each day but what inspires you?


February 02, 2018


Behind the scenes at TORRO Cases

Every TORRO case is carefully designed and tested prior to release in order to ensure that it lives up to the high standard of quality and style, which has become synonymous with the TORRO brand.

TORRO leather craftsmen are highly skilled individuals who conduct the intricate processes of constructing the cases by hand. Supported by the latest in production technology, TORRO products are made with the utmost care and are stringently quality checked. It often surprises people when we say that one TORRO leather bumper takes one hour to make.

The process starts by examining the hide - a leather quality control officer will lay the leather hide flat and check for any slight imperfections. These will then be highlighted to ensure that this part is cut around and discarded.

The leather is then cut to size, depending on the product for which it is required.

A state of the art laser cuts out the signature TORRO insignia and we then begin to construct the components that make up the case. This includes manufacturing the card slots and the internal frame construction.

The components are then stitched together by hand and using specialist bonding techniques. All cases are hand-checked and then finished using rubberised painting seals around port openings.

Once the internal frame is attached, the cases are tested and given a final quality check before being packaged up, ready for their new home.

You are then ready to enjoy your premium leather, expertly crafted and quality checked TORRO Case!





December 13, 2017


Your guide to shopping for men

Whether he has all he needs and more, or he simply struggles to think of anything, buying for men can be an arduous task.

It’s something that becomes more and more apparent at this time of year as people join the rush to find that perfect gift. At TORRO, we think we can help. Our range of stylish tech and lifestyle accessories includes plenty of high-quality choices that would be ideal to put under the tree this Christmas.


The ever-popular TORRO Wallet, with its subtle contrasting stitching, is the ideal companion for those seeking style, elegance and practicality.

A wallet is one of the few things that most men will carry with them wherever they go - an accessory that never leaves their side. If you know someone whose wallet is faded, tattered or simply looks like it’s seen better days, might it be time to retire it in favour of a newer model?

With a choice between USA tan leather, black Italian leather and dark brown leather, TORRO has something for all tastes. The multitude of slots (both internal and external) means there’s room for all a man could need to bring along, and every wallet comes presented in a beautiful gift box.


The TORRO hat, scarf and gloves set makes a great gift idea for the man who wants to wrap up in style.

Interestingly, research shows that 46% of men are hoping to unwrap some form of clothing this Christmas compared to just 28% of women. The task of dressing well while keeping warm can be challenging to some, but this needs not be an issue.

Made from 100% premium wool, our hat, scarf and gloves set ticks all boxes. The smart, understated TORRO branding keeps the signature logo visible without being overbearing, while the special conductive material woven into each glove’s fingertip allows use of your phone without risking frostbitten fingers in this winter weather.

Messenger bags

Stylish, strong and versatile. TORRO’s messenger bags are designed for those seeking a premium quality product to protect their laptop or tablet on the move.

We all know how burdensome a daily commute can be when traversing busy towns and cities. For many people, it can be a real task to keep their laptops safe and protected at the same time. The result? You’ll likely have seen plenty of thick, unsightly bags built heavily to shield their contents at all costs.

A TORRO messenger bag, with its suede inner lining and carefully designed padding, will protect devices from knocks and bumps without compromising style. Available in black Napa leather and USA tan leather, these bags are a smart, sophisticated gift to give.

Wanting to browse even more gift ideas? Head to the TORRO website where we’ve put together a list of great products to consider. Happy shopping!

December 05, 2017


In-store or Online – how is shopping changing?

The Christmas shopping period, unless you favour the last-minute panic approach, is currently firing on all cylinders. Anybody passing a shopping centre or high street even briefly in the last couple of weeks will have witnessed the frenzied atmosphere that comes with increased numbers of people joining the very rush they're trying to beat.

At times like these, you'd be forgiven for doubting the numerous reports warning of the high street's decline. The fact, however, is that online shopping has revolutionised the way people buy and shows no sign of loosening its grip.

The result? Despite how it often appears at this time of year, fewer and fewer people are visiting physical stores. The appeal of shopping from the comfort of your own home has stifled high street footfall.

Clearly, the momentum lies with online channels but is this really the best way? An argument can be made for both sides.

At TORRO Cases, our home in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK benefits from having easy access to one of the country's major shopping streets as well as Europe's largest shopping and leisure centre.

For those living in and around areas well served by such facilities, it can be hard to justify not doing your shopping this way.

Many people believe they can benefit from deals and promotions in-store that they wouldn't find online, and many more find it easier to have staff on hand to help should any questions arise. If you're buying for others and are unfamiliar with these products, this can be a real benefit. If a specific size of product is required, the ability to try things out for size is invaluable.

Of course, the continual rise of online shopping is also happening for good reason.

Again, it's impossible to overstate the appeal people find in being able to shop from the comfort of their own homes and have things delivered to their doorstep. The ease-factor is something that high streets or shopping centres just cannot match.

What's more, an online retailer doesn't have the costs of running a bricks-and-mortar store to cover. This means that, despite certain deals being in-store only, the cost of shopping online is largely cheaper. According to research, 53% of consumers believe they will always get a better deal online and nearly 70% of shoppers admit to doing so without shopping around first.

Price and convenience alone are enough to swing most people in the direction of their computer rather than their nearest shopping centre, but is there any way we can benefit from both?

The prominence of "showrooming" in consumer behaviour certainly suggests so. This describes the act of browsing in-store before turning around and buying online - an easy tactic to justify at this time of year given the hectic nature of Christmas shopping.

Whether buying for themselves or others, people need to be sure they're getting the right products and the right sizes. In this respect, there's no substitute for shopping in-store, but to then save money by buying online gives shoppers the best of both worlds.

The choice between in-store and online and how people shop is one of the things we find the most interesting about the Christmas shopping period.

We're preparing for it by offering some fantastic gift ideas here.

How are you preparing for yours?

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