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November 08, 2017


The Leather Debate

From the very first mobile phone case we produced, to today where the TORRO brand offers a wide range of tech and clothing accessories, leather has always been a staple of what we do. We take pride in using genuine leather to ensure our customers enjoy a premium quality product every time.

Of course, this may not be the same elsewhere in the market. Genuine leather has seen increasing competition from ‘faux’ synthetic leathers and many consumers struggle to distinguish between the two. So, what’s the difference?

Being a natural product is one of the biggest selling points of genuine leather, meaning each product made with genuine leather is slightly different in appearance and therefore unique to the owner. Over time, a TORRO case will “wear in” and become softer and more attractive. Conversely, a faux leather alternative is likely to deteriorate with age in a way that negatively affects the aesthetic appeal.

Durability is another aspect in which genuine leather excels. We know that your mobile phone is likely the most handled item you own and is subject to plenty of inherent dangers even through the most careful use. Oils, dust, rain, bumps and scrapes are all hard to avoid. A genuine leather TORRO case will do a great job of protecting a phone from the effects of rigorous daily use and cushioning it from any impacts.

The thin, synthetic nature of a faux leather product makes it far more susceptible to cracks and splits, and far less adept at keeping your device well protected. Whilst a faux leather case can undoubtedly be produced at a lower cost, this machine-produced artificiality comes at the expense of quality and durability.

At TORRO Cases, we are committed to using only the finest materials and premium leathers available. Each product we make is individually inspected to ensure the level of quality that has become synonymous with our brand.

We believe that our products do your device justice at a time when so many beautifully designed devices are hidden away in substandard, low quality cases.

With cases for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Google Pixel, there really is something for everybody. Find yours today.

October 31, 2017


Wireless World

For decades, users of any form of technology have quietly accepted the need for wires as part and parcel of ownership. Whether it be for talking over the phone, using a computer or listening to music, people have accepted being tethered in a whole host of situations. These cables and cords are unsightly at best and downright impossible to untangle at worst.

In recent years, one of the most significant advancements has been the shift towards wireless technology. People’s desire to be liberated from being tethered and tangled has seen a huge amount of momentum behind these developments and it’s not hard to see why.

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi networks has succeeded the need for dial-up internet connection and this has had benefits for far more than your PC at home. Printers, games consoles, cameras, televisions and audio players have all reaped the benefits of Wi-Fi technology. Countless devices now rely on far fewer wires, while many are now completely wireless.

For most people, mobile phones represent the pinnacle of wireless technology in personal devices. Our phones go with us everywhere, giving us access to limitless information from our own pockets. The plethora of apps and solutions available has led some to claim that it’s even possible to run a business from a mobile phone alone. A bold claim, but one that really puts the spotlight on how far wireless technology has come in this field.

And yet, even with our mobiles phones letting us go anywhere and do anything, the issue of wires is one that refuses to go away. Despite the constant evolution of battery technology, the Achilles heel remains the need to plug in and charge once, sometimes twice a day.

When considering just how far mobile phones have come in the last couple of decades and how fast the market is moving every day, the need for these devices to spend so much time shackled to a wall seems at odds with how sophisticated they are in every other aspect.

It’s a problem that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Wireless charging has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the aim of ridding our mobile phones of charger cables once and for all. The technology required to do this is by no means new, having been around since the days of Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla, however early forays into this process for mobile phones only served to highlight the inefficiencies of the technology for everyday use.

Now, this is no longer the case. Wireless charging is widely considered the immediate future of powering your mobile phone, as more and more capable devices are released.

At TORRO Cases, we’re very excited by this. We love mobile technology and it’s our business to ensure you get the best out of owning your device. TORRO’s Wireless Charging Qi Power Bank enables you to take full advantage of this technology by removing the need for wires.

Simply place your device on the front of the unit in charge mode and your device will begin charging. No more wires, and it can be taken anywhere. What’s more, the charger even works while devices are in TORRO leather cases.

Experience the freedom of being truly wireless; take a look at TORRO’s Wireless Charging Qi Power Bank today.


September 06, 2017


Why do I need to know about Tesla?

As a manufacturer of premium consumer items, a startup and being part of a team of entrepreneurs here at torrocases.co.uk, we always sit up and take notice and inspiration from companies that can make a significant dent in the norm.

 Tesla Motors to the passerby is that electric car firm. “Yeah I’ve heard of them” most in the UK will mutter. Unless you're an early adopter who like us has a keen eye on the tech horizon you probably won’t know a great deal more about Tesla or their enigmatic CEO Elon Musk. Tesla have built a car from the ground up with the S model. All electric with a range that makes an electric car a ‘proper car’ capable of hundreds of miles and a 0-60 which matches that of a supercar.

 Owning a Tesla has been described as ‘the car that improves after you’ve bought it’ this is due to the fact that like a smartphone the car will receive software updates that don't just update the instrument display panel but can impact on handling, acceleration and everyday use of the ‘device’ due to the nature of it being a giant lithium powered iPad on wheels! Interestingly the original Tesla roadster which boasted a large iPad style touchscreen control panel was actually released and engineered prior to the iPad even being released.

The reason you need to know about Tesla is that we are nearing the launch of the Tesla 3. The first affordable and practical Tesla aimed at the mass market. Musk introduced ‘free fuel’ in the USA at the Tesla Supercharging stations where Tesla owners can re-charge their vehicles in 20 minutes for 300 plus miles for free. For a fee of around $55 to save time, an F1 style pit stop can take place whereby machines will swap the battery with a fully charged battery to expedite the ‘fuelling’ process. These supercharging stations are now popping up around the UK, one being just 10 miles from the TORRO Cases HQ which is remarkable for us up in the North East of England. The best thing about these stations are that they champion the eco friendly ethos of the company by being solar powered.

Other features include the ability to summons the car with a smartphone, an automatic docking arm to connect the charger point a very space aged piece of technology presumably Space X inspired! If this has wetted your appetite for some additional tech in your life, as a TORRO cases customer we have no doubt this would be of interest to you. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has been described as a cross between the methodical and technically brilliant Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs by having the vision for something yet to be invented and knowing what the consumer would want before they even asked for it as well as meticulous attention to the design and user experience. I would also suggest there is a sprinkling of Google in there with a childlike science fiction desire to build into the design everything we dreamed of as children and believed would never happen in our lifetime.

This is underpinned by Musk’s Space X company, developing re-usable space rockets with the ultimate goal of return transport to Mars. Once again, question this as impossible and we would implore you to read further on Space X and begin to wake up to the impossible slowly becoming possible. The latest venture dreamed up by Musk is the Hyperloop as an alternative to high speed rail. The basis of the idea is a solar powered electric pulse powered tube, pushing pods at speeds of up to 800mph that can be driven in L.A and allowing you to drive out at the other end in San Fransisco after 20 minutes. Again green, efficient and innovative transport that people are actually trying to make happen.

Here at TORRO we apply this type of passion to our vision, making products that we want to use ourselves, using only the finest materials and applying cutting edge manufacturing technology to make accessories worthy of being used alongside technology being dreamt up by individuals like Musk. Steve Jobs famously once stated that it was almost like a ‘baton’ being passed from one generation of entrepreneurs to the next. Musk certainly seems to be an appropriate recipient, this article has not even touched upon his involvement in intent mapping directory technology and founding PayPal which articulates this point in itself. As a TORRO Cases customer we would hope that you will share this appreciation for innovation and even though it may be a product such as your iPad case or your money wallet, we want you to know it has been made by passionate entrepreneurs who care greatly about making a product the best it can be.

August 12, 2017


New iPhone, iPhone 8, iPhone Pro or iPhone X? The final question!

iPhone 8?

Not long to go. The latest iteration of Apple's flagship device is almost upon us and as usual 'leaks' intended or otherwise have shown a glimpse into the new world of iPhone.


What to expect

What seems pretty clear is an nice edge to edge display tantamount to that of an iPhone 7 plus sitting in a unibody just a tad larger than the 7. We're expecting a new iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus to accompany the new iPhone. It appears four front cameras for Face ID replacing touch ID and new mood recognition software. We also expect Apple to drop the white front bezel and the tiny proportion of the bezelled screen to be black to immerse itself with the screen. The 'home' button which disappeared in 2016's iPhone 7 will become a force touch graphic rear facing camera will fall in line with that of the iPad Pro.

The back panel will be glass in the below colours

iPhone 8 back glass

SCILAB -Silver grey 68.07 0.01 0.39 dark grey (more like black)12.78 0.21 1.73 Champagne Gold 60.9 61.8 48.91

TORRO Cases are already working hard behind the scenes to make premium leather cases to complement the aesthetics of this edge to edge display ready for Tim waving the new design in a couple of weeks time. The full range will be at torrocases.co.uk 

The big question!

The big question seems to be around name. iPhone 8 is the popular choice at the moment and apple are very quirky when it comes to nomenclature. The second iPhone was the iPhone 3G which some confused as 3rd gen. Apple have or had a tendency to link the naming with a feature, such as 3G being compatible with the 3G network. iPad Air being incredibly thin and light. This has changed slightly under the new regime and evidence of this is with the latest iPad being called, simply iPad.

Could we see the new iPhone being simply iPhone? Some suggest iPhone Pro as it is set to live alongside the 7S and 7S Plus and be an expensive Pro brother. This does fit with iPad and MacBook marketing but it doesn't sit well with us that they would want to charge premium dollar on a 7S Plus and then say it is the consumer version of a Pro iPhone unless they are considering repricing to be more competitive and regain more market share outside of China.

Another idea is iPhone X or iPhone 10 to support the 10th anniversary. I like the idea of X if this is a one off year and next years iPhone is to fall in line and become 8 but it all gets a little murky at this stage.

Coming soon

What we do know is it will be here very soon and TORRO will be covering the device with beautiful, premium leather styles. The iPhone will command a big price tag but the good news is that it is expected to be in full production with no previously reported production delays. Whatever they call it, i'm pretty excited!
August 10, 2017


August 09, 2017


iPad Pro (10.5") & Apple Pencil Sleeve now available!

We have launched our full range of iPad Pro (10.5") cases and thats not all we also have matching Apple Pencil sleeves which can be purchased separately.

Hidden magnets placed in the pencil sleeves spine allow smart connectivity to the front cover of our iPad Pro (10.5") cases.

August 09, 2017


TORRO Cases discusses Brexit in the Journal

Is Brexit just another challenge for business to overcome?

Read TORRO Cases view on what Brexit means for business in todays Journal.

June 23, 2017


Product Launch and more to follow....

Its been a busy few weeks here at TORRO, we have now settled into our new premises and we have lots of new products to share with you...

We are now catering for the iPad 2017 (5th generation). This range of cases will only be compatible with model A1822 & A1823.

We have also expanded our Huawei range to include Huawei P10 & P10 Plus cases.

June 19, 2017



We are not moving far and it's business as usual here for all orders and returns, however we would ask that should any customer which to return an order to us that they contact us first to confirm a shipping address prior to returning at: CustomerCare@torrocases.co.uk

Please read our return and exchange policy for further information: https://www.torrocases.co.uk/pages/customer-support-returns

Our new business address is:

B.A.M Worldwide ltd
Unit 24B
Oakwood Trade Park
West Chirton North Industrial Estate
Oak Road
North Shields
NE29 8SF
May 22, 2017


TORRO Photoshoot in Newcastle

We recently had a photoshoot in our home town of Newcastle and the sun was shining thankfully! This was to showcase our apparel range, and I hope you agree the photos certainly do that!

Thanks to Becs (The House of Hues) Stew (Photography Assistant) and Joe (Model). 

Here is a few photos behind the scenes and a few finished pics! More will be shared on social media so please feel free to follow.

Twitter: @torrocases
Facebook: Torrocases