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August 19, 2014


Android corner: Latest on KitKat and Google music streaming

Afternoon Guys, a quick update on what's happening in the Googlesphere:


Android Kit Kat: Torro HTC One M8 customers should be pleased to hear that a 600mb kitkat release named 4.4.3. is now available to fix bugs and enhance sensory performance, a full list of updates is included at the bottom of this article, we are awaiting news as to when Samsung Galaxy intend on rolling out the update. It is believed the Galaxy update will be titled 4.4.4 in keeping with the kitkat version recently released for Nexus 7 to resolve issues of random rebooting and battery life. Torro sources suggest that the 4.4.4 for Galaxy is still in the testing phase but should surface in the Autumn. LG have yet to release a new version but Sony Xperia customers will be sending their wifi routers into overdrive to reap the benefits of Google's latest iteration of the worlds most used operating system. 

Music streaming: Plans from Google have been released to take on music streaming services Pandora, Spotify and the impending Apple revamp of Beats music streaming. Google aim to take swift action to control the market with the YouTube music key service. Music key will not only allow the streaming of the latest albums and singles but also remixes, live tracks and user uploads usually found on you tube. Our only question is why have they waited until now? Presumably to combat Apple before Cook and the team place the "gorgeous" and "super simple" spin on their new music streaming service which may even be demo'd with iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 in September. For years we have asked Torro customers what their favourite apps are and often when talking music apps; Torro users have reported that they use the You Tube app to stream their favourite songs already. What's your favourite music streaming app, we'd love to hear. 

Changes to your Kit Kat 

·        Updated to new versions of Google apps 

·        Added Clear Image 

·        Added new (colder) calibration for the screen 

·        Proximity sensor prevents activation of off-screen gestures while in your pocket 

·        Capacitive touch keys supported in the recovery mode 

·        Increased capacitive button illumination 

·        Improved overall stability 

·        Fixed issues with vibration being disabled during Quiet Hours 

·        Fixed lockscreen not updating the track information during music playback 

·        Fixed microphone volume for all formats in the Voice Recorder app 

·        Fixed “OK, Google” not triggering voice search in Google Now 

·        Fixed Viber calls not working 

·        Fixed battery percent not updating in custom lock screens 

·        Fixed PicasaSync 

·        Fixed Camera “O” gesture activating lockscreen instead of triggering camera 

·        Fixed wallpapers not applying in full screen, taking the wrong size when cropping, etc.


Have a great week!!!


Torro team

August 09, 2014


September 9th - iPhone 6...?

September 9th is now widely regarded to be the day when Apple announce details of the next iPhone. As usual Apple fans around the world are speculating about the new handset or handsets that are about to be released. Here at Torro Cases we love tech… Samsung and HTC are pushing boundaries with some great and powerful handsets but there’s something about Apple’s iPhone that has a special place with us…

Its all just rumour and speculation until we see the new handset held aloft by Tim Cook on September 9th so we will all have to wait until then to know for certain what the new iPhone will be like. Apple seem to delight to disappoint with their announcements so with that in mind I think we are unlikely to see the much anticipated iWatch, however you never know! Here is a couple of things that we think will defiantly be part of the new handset.

One size fits all - Despite the rumours I really don’t think we are going to see two different iPhone sizes. It is likely to be slightly bigger corner to corner. (4.7inch). The current iPhone is one of the only smartphones that can still easily be used with one hand… I don’t think Apple will want to mess with this too much… The retina display in the iPhone is power hungry and any increase in screen size will require an increase in battery power - something Apple has in the past struggled with.

Gorilla into the mist - Gorilla glass that is used in the current iPhones will be replaced by sapphire glass. Apple has invested heavily in this technology over the last 18 months and currently uses Sapphire glass on the Touch ID fingerprint reader and the camera sensor cap. Expect your new iPhone screen to be Sapphire glass, much stronger and harder to crack. Will broken screens from dropping your iPhone be a thing of the past? Hopefully!

Whatever size or sizes of handsets Apple announce you can be rest assured that Torro Cases will be releasing a range of high quality genuine leather covers for your new iPhone as soon as possible. Let us know what you think the new iPhone will be like below.

Enjoy your weekend!
August 03, 2014


Technology by the pool. Yes or No?

Would you go technology free for your summer holiday? Is your holiday really a holiday if your smartphone or tablet constantly has you plugged into the grid back home? A few years ago part of what made you want to come back after your two weeks in the sun was finding out everything you had missed from your friends and family. Now you know everything from Facebook, twitter, iMessage, BBM. It's as if you are not even on holiday! The world is certainly a smaller place with todays technology… but does all of this make for a better more relaxing holiday?

Kindles and iPads around the pool are what you see nowadays… Teenagers glued to smartphones and iPod touch style devices using the hotel WiFi are commonplace. Unsavoury news reports from the resort of Magaluf in Majorca in recent weeks show that the old adage of ‘what happens on holiday stays on holiday’ certainly doesn't apply any more. Nowhere are you safe from the smartphone camera and instant shame burned forever onto the Facebook servers for all to see. Watch out as well for the new tech savy parents (me included!) who seem to be joining Facebook in there droves as its the only way they can see what their kids are up to!

There are of course lots of plus points for taking your gadgets away with you. Nowadays most people have their entire music library on their mobile device - great for relaxing by the pool and saving on your luggage allowance. Not to mention the numerous apps that can be download for the kids to keep them entertained on the journey. Technology can also ensure that ‘you’ get the best price for the holiday with numerous apps now able to deliver this information at the touch of a button. Get ahead of your fellow passengers by grabbing the best seats on the plane via online check-in. How does your technology enhance your holiday?

Whatever you are doing this summer the most important thing is to enjoy it. If you are taking your iPad make sure its protected from bumps and scrapes with a premium leather Torro Case. Our iPad cases and smartphone cases are made using both Italian and American leather and our iconic bulls head logo will certainly make your device stand out from the crowd.

Of course you could leave all your technology at home. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a 3 for 2 offer on paperbacks at the airport! We would love to see some pictures of your tech with you on holiday. Post your pictures to our Facebook page. There’s a free iPad case up for grabs for the best pictures.

May 15, 2014


Your tech moment of 2014 so far

What’s your best technology moment of 2014 so far, what’s made the difference to you this year, maybe an app or maybe a device.. or maybe getting a new Torro case ;-). Tech brings joy to our lives, at times very, very real frustration but the majority of technological additions to the world we individually live in only make things that little bit easier.

For me, it was using the Disney app at Disneyworld earlier this year. The app gives real time updates for queue times on attractions, this was great for darting around the theme parks and not wasting time by hitting splash mountain at the wrong time when I could be sailing the seven seas with Johnny Depp and the pirates of the Caribbean. This was a simple little change to my holiday but saved me the most important thing in the world…. Time… time to enjoy my break that little bit more. What was also extremely useful was the Torro wallet case I took to keep as small amount of cash and my park tickets to save carrying a bag or purse.

The other little gem I have been really impressed with recently is the Bose soundlink mini. Big big sound from such a small and portable unit. The battery life is good so you can take it into the garden or to another part of your home, with the device having Bluetooth connectivity there is no need to put that precious smartphone down for a second as you can stream your music or radio ‘from handy little apps like tunein’ from your phone straight to the unit.

These are the little things so far in 2014 where tech has made my life that little bit simpler. We at Torro would love to know yours.

Have a wonderful day


March 30, 2014


Torro flip case review.

http://danielyoungmedia.com/2014/03/30/torro-flip-case-review/, We are delighted to direct customers to check out the words of Daniel Young Media who have put the Torro flip case through it's paces.
March 29, 2014


Don't just take our word for it, Torro; reviewed by the professionals.

We are delighted to point customers to an independent review conducted by tech professionals we have found on the web: http://gadgetgeekit.com/torro-leather-wallet-case-iphone-55s-review/. We are delighted with the feedback and would love to hear more customer and professional reviews

March 19, 2014


New products, good news and a big thank you

At Torro cases we have been working very hard preparing for the 2014 season handsets. We thank you for all your feedback and with your help we are delighted to announce that we will be launching a wallet case for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. The wallet will be based on our signature black and red range as requested by the most important people in Torro. You.

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January 25, 2014


The iPhone 6: Is bigger better?

So the rumour mill is once again in full flow with the much awaited iPhone 6. The 5S is yet to lose it's oleo-phobic coating and yet we are already eagerly anticipating the next incarnation in the worlds finest smartphone series.

The 'big' question doing the round seems to be; how big is it going to be? 4.5 inch screen, 5 inches... bigger!! One thing is for sure, it is likely to be lighter and thinner, perhaps taking on the nomenclature of the latest iPad and become the iPhone air; this would be a good get out for apple if they retained the current 'very useable' 4 inch screen.

As a user, would I want a bigger screen? well i'm not crying out for one, i'm not sure I want the extra bulk in my pocket. Fortunately I use Torro cases therefore mix and match from a wallet if i'm going out, the slim flip if I'm feeling cool enough to wear my skinny jeans!! and the pouch at work / home so I can still feel the iPhone in all it's aesthetic glory

A potential workaround could be a home button integrated right into the screen. The 5S sports a glass plate in any event therefore imagine the phone's glass frontage being 100% screen. With a tap of the screen a home button could light right up indicating where to press thus negating the need to increase the size of the handset and allowing apple engineers to stick to their oh so precise circuit boards.

The final rumour we are hearing is a June launch, personally we can't see it but it would be a little exciting!! We are always keen to know what you believe will be incorporated into the next handset so please get in touch with your thoughts. Thanks again from the Torro cases team.

January 10, 2014


Is Aperture 4 or Aperture X just around the corner?

For the photographers out there, the guys with an eye for style and detail 'hence why your iPhone sits snugly in a Torro case' the debate regarding Lightroom or Apple's Aperture programme has gone on now for some years. Are we about to see some light at the end of the tunnel for Aperture fans. The release of Aperture 4 or Aperture (X)?! maybe.... or well.... maybe not. So the rumours for a new Aperture appeared once again following the Key Note speech in autumn when Phil Schiller was seen showing off Mavericks and a NEW version of Aperture (or at least a version slightly different to the one we perhaps know and love) set the macforums raging with talk of an imminent release...which didn't happen. So the argument against; well this bit is easy, people have suggested a new version for some time now that hasn't materialised.

I think a new version might not be a million miles away. Adobe's Lightroom has moved streets ahead in terms of editing capabilities, it is however, no match for the sheer ease of use of Aperture and just how amazingly well it organises your photos on the mac and connects seamlessly with other apps like iMovie, Facebook and twitter etc. The thing Aperture users have longed for and Lightroom users have been treated to is more functionality. This may be a total coincidence, but! Nik plug ins by Google; albeit they can be used within both Lightroom and Aperture have had their prices slashed. In the UK you can now pick up the whole collection for £79. A discount code is required which I will be happy to share if you contact us. This collection used to cost a few hundred and has all the additional functionality most Aperture users would want. Is this discount due to knowledge the NEW Aperture will integrate these functions anyway? While we are talking price it is also worth the question; will existing users get a free upgrade, as seen with Mavericks? As an Aperture user I hope so. I would suggest a new version is around the corner purely based on the Key Note presentation, it may take a little while to launch to ensure all the bugs are corrected (Apple can't really afford another software release backlash following mapsgate and the criticism that surrounded Final Cut X) but I have a pretty good feeling that when it appears we are going to like what we see and those who jumped overboard to Lightroom may fancy coming back aboard. I just hope that wasn't a teaser and Aperture actually ends up in the Apple graveyard along side iWeb and co which could have been very good.

January 08, 2014


What people are saying about TORRO

Just an example of what customers have said about the Torro black wallet case for iPhone 5s elsewhere on the web, hope everyone is loving the new site.

Firstly, the delivery was very fast, I ordered at 2pm and it was delivered the next morning, 18 hours later! I also bought the pouch as well to use when I'm at work. Both are top class! The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was the smell of the leather; it's thick and provides good protection, as well as looking expensive. The phone fits perfectly inside the soft touch plastic insert and there are handy cut outs for all the buttons and the camera lens. There are 3 handy card slots and room for a few notes. The leather inside is nicely embossed with the torro logo and is lined with a lovely soft suede. It certainly looks the part and works well as a wallet. The wallet is held shut by a magnetic clasp which does the job and means that you can open the wallet one handed and don't have to negotiate with flaps or studs that I have seen on other cases. The red stitching is great and the bulls head logo stands out beautifully and makes the wallet look different from all the plain black wallet cases out there. This is excellent value for a genuine, well designed leather product that protects and compliments my iPhone 5s beautifully! 5 stars!