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Wireless World

For decades, users of any form of technology have quietly accepted the need for wires as part and parcel of ownership. Whether it be for talking over the phone, using a computer or listening to music, people have accepted being tethered in a whole host of situations. These cables and cords are unsightly at best and downright impossible to untangle at worst.

In recent years, one of the most significant advancements has been the shift towards wireless technology. People’s desire to be liberated from being tethered and tangled has seen a huge amount of momentum behind these developments and it’s not hard to see why.

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi networks has succeeded the need for dial-up internet connection and this has had benefits for far more than your PC at home. Printers, games consoles, cameras, televisions and audio players have all reaped the benefits of Wi-Fi technology. Countless devices now rely on far fewer wires, while many are now completely wireless.

For most people, mobile phones represent the pinnacle of wireless technology in personal devices. Our phones go with us everywhere, giving us access to limitless information from our own pockets. The plethora of apps and solutions available has led some to claim that it’s even possible to run a business from a mobile phone alone. A bold claim, but one that really puts the spotlight on how far wireless technology has come in this field.

And yet, even with our mobiles phones letting us go anywhere and do anything, the issue of wires is one that refuses to go away. Despite the constant evolution of battery technology, the Achilles heel remains the need to plug in and charge once, sometimes twice a day.

When considering just how far mobile phones have come in the last couple of decades and how fast the market is moving every day, the need for these devices to spend so much time shackled to a wall seems at odds with how sophisticated they are in every other aspect.

It’s a problem that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Wireless charging has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the aim of ridding our mobile phones of charger cables once and for all. The technology required to do this is by no means new, having been around since the days of Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla, however early forays into this process for mobile phones only served to highlight the inefficiencies of the technology for everyday use.

Now, this is no longer the case. Wireless charging is widely considered the immediate future of powering your mobile phone, as more and more capable devices are released.

At TORRO Cases, we’re very excited by this. We love mobile technology and it’s our business to ensure you get the best out of owning your device. TORRO’s Wireless Charging Qi Power Bank enables you to take full advantage of this technology by removing the need for wires.

Simply place your device on the front of the unit in charge mode and your device will begin charging. No more wires, and it can be taken anywhere. What’s more, the charger even works while devices are in TORRO leather cases.

Experience the freedom of being truly wireless; take a look at TORRO’s Wireless Charging Qi Power Bank today.


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