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Who is behind the scenes at TORRO...

Meet Gemma our Customer Service Advisor and Translator.

Gemma not only provides our lovely customers with excellent customer service, she also translates in three other languages - German, French and Spanish! Which comes in very useful for our growing market places. 

If that wasn't talented enough, she is also an artist in her own right! Gemma is a talented self-taught artist, who specialises in pet and animal portraits, as well as portraits of people. Gemma works on a commission basis, accommodating clients’ wishing to produce top-quality artwork. If you would like to see more of Gemma’s work please take a look at her website here: http://gemmanolanart.co.uk

Below are a few sketches Gemma is working on for our TORRO Cases feature 'What inspires you?' 

All TORRO products are originally designed. Starting as inspired ideas and evolving into handcrafted tactile everyday essentials.
At TORRO our talented team infuse their inspiration into their work and our culture. This drives us each day but what inspires you?


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William Morris
William Morris

March 24, 2018

I bought my Torro case for my iPhone 5s as the case looked quality in black leather, with red stitching and the awesome red "El Torro’ head! (all very cool) The case holds the iPhone tight and snug, there is NO WAY the the phone will fall out accidentally. Unfortunately after just over a year the insert which holds the phone weakened in some way near one corner which I thought compromised the security off the mobile. I called Gemma at Torro who was pleasant and friendly and asked me to post the cover back to her, she followed immediately with an email giving their address as she had stated that they would replace the inner frame and return to me by first class post. I sent the case on a Thursday afternoon, was contacted by Gemma on the following day to confirm the case had arrived, I received the repaired case in morning post the day after that! I cannot commend highly enough the product and after sales response by staff at Torros. Thank you so much Gemma and all involved. PS my next purchase will be a white Torro logo t shirt!! PPS GREAT artwork Gemma…LOVE the Bull Head!

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