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Our First Intern at TORRO!

Thanks to James for all of his hard work at TORRO HQ during his two week work experience. Here is what he thought.....

Over the past two weeks I completed my work experience placement at Torro Cases. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to be able to witness first hand the way the company is ran and the dedication of all staff involved. 

I study GCSE Business Studies at school and it was very beneficial to see the things I have learnt being linked into a real life situation. I learnt a lot whilst on this placement, such as ; how a business deals with orders/sales, customer service and ways in which business can be conducted, all of the small stages that need to be completed in order to sell online. Working for TORRO has made me realise what it takes to run your own business and this has inspired me to maybe start my own business in the future. 

I would like to thank the team who looked after me Billy, Naomi, Michael, Joe and Bill for making me feel very welcome and I would also like to thank them for a fantastic experience! 


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