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HTC Boomsound!! Back with the M9

Well anyone with an M8 will tell you that by far a stand out feature is the Boomsound 5.1 imitating speaker. Depth, bass and lots of volume. Tested against a small bluetooth speaker it really does hit the mark. What we want to look at is... did it improve in the M9. Check out the video ( https://youtu.be/wba8T2Z5RGI ) and see what you think, personally I think it's pretty much the same, hey if it ain't broke don't tinker with it. With the launch of Apple Music earlier this month, Spotify will be upping their game. A collaboration with HTC seems sensible to create a bespoke version of the App for HTC customers specifically tweaked to get the best out of the boomsound speakers, now there's a headline to bite back.


Did you know that within the spotify app 'premium customers only' there is a toggle switch to enhance the audio quality? Well it's right there in the settings and once discovered, I cranked up the M9's volume and it makes a remarkable difference, please note that this obviously has an effect on your data usage but then again sometime Davey Grohl can be worth it ;-) Oh and the TORRO Stand case allows full use of the screen and speakers with the clip in frame providing unhindered access!                                                                           

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