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Torro charges into the community

Michael and I started TORRO back in 2012, we got into the business of mobile phone protection because we simply could not find a case for our devices which we wanted to use. Previously, we had both worked together for the best part of 13 years in the same office. We would trade stories of our latest gizmos and gadgets and what they could or couldn't do. We would often banter about having the latest and greatest bit of tech... but one thing we never really could trump one another on were the cases and covers to protect our prized possessions. From a shared idea over a cup of coffee, TORRO was born. 

We are genuinely in this business to make the cases and covers we want to use. We have grown thanks to our fantastic, loyal customer base and have expanded our operations in the North East. We contribute to the local economy by using the services of local North East businesses. The ability to do this is thoroughly satisfying and the feeling of being part of something which makes a difference has been incredible. We have recently become a member of the North East Chamber of Commerce and intend to work alongside as many local business people as possible and support them where we can.

We truly believed that TORRO is all about being stylish, current and doing business with a sense of fun while also providing exceptional customer service. Being based in the Newcastle Business Village in North Tyneside and also avid football supporters, we sought out the local kids football team based only a mile down the road. We lept at the chance to become their shirt sponsors. The team loved it when we unveiled their TORRO shirts and we were so proud we could support a great local club.  

In less than 3 years TORRO has become what it is today and is continuing to grow. We hope that as we expand, we can keep having fun and look at how our company based in the North East can provide opportunities to others as that is what puts the spring in my step every morning.

To all our customers, we say thank you for what you have helped us to achieve! :-)

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