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Microsoft is Back!

The 1990’s were a good time for Microsoft… By the mid 1990’s Windows operating systems were present on over 80% of home PC’s and Bill Gates was about to top the Forbes list of the worlds wealthiest people where he would remain for the best part of 10 years. The release of Windows 95 saw Bill Gates and Microsoft embrace the blossoming internet revolution with the release of Internet Explorer. There were however dark clouds looming on the horizon… Legal battles loomed in the late 1990’s over the monopoly of Microsoft bundling software with its Windows OS. The late 1990’s also saw the return of Steve Jobs to Apple following his 10 year ‘sabbatical’. He was to return in 1996 and ultimately become pivotal in the development of the next generation of Apple Operating System, OS X. And that was it. Over the next 15 years the world has become awash with iPods, iPads, shiny MacBooks The cult of Apple was suddenly cool again. Microsoft had become a shadow of its former self with infighting between different departments stifling innovation and true progress.

Here at TORRO we love watching what the big technology companies are up to. Whether its Apple, Samsung, HTC, its our business to innovate and design new products alongside the new tech that is constantly streaming off the production lines.

With that in mind we predict change is afoot at Microsoft. For the last few years Microsoft has been desperate to get back into the cool club. Windows 8 wasn’t quite there and the Surface tablet was OK but it was no iPad. What Microsoft currently has in droves is vision… Early 2014 saw a new CEO and a change in structure and direction. Rather than telling everyone what they wanted and forcing it down customers throats Microsoft have started to listen. The first result of this sea of change is the upcoming Windows 10. Free! Just like OS X Mavericks was a year or so ago this is a gargantuan shift in perspective for a company that has in the past made a great proportion of its money from selling operating systems. It is however, like the Start Menu, what people want…

And this is where we at TORRO take a particular interest. The recent acquisition of Nokia could be a big deal. The Nokia Lumia isn’t a bad looking phone and outside of iOS the latest software is pretty decent. Rumours are afoot that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will come bundled with Microsoft software further extending their reach and influence. This is what makes Microsoft different. Looking outwards and designing software for different devices doesn't lock Microsoft's customers into particular brands or handsets. (Apple, is the prime example of the reverse of this way of thinking). Designing the best software for whatever device you have could be the answer and if Microsoft take their recent new ethos into Smartphone design we could be in for something exciting. If they do, TORRO will be along for the ride.

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crorkzz catz
crorkzz catz

June 10, 2015

k5vaXg Great, thanks for sharing this article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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