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Think different…to Apple?


Think different…to Apple?

Well i’m going to start by putting it out there that here at TORRO we love Apple, everything they make has found it’s way to TORRO HQ at one point or another and has a very special place in our heart. We are also apparently not alone in this following this weeks news that they have turned over a profit of over £50 billion in the last year!!! Some astonishing facts have been published regarding the sales of iPhone.. but, i’m not talking Apple today..


Here at TORRO we are very fortunate that we get to use a plethora of devices. It’s our job to find the most functional, elegant, practical and protective way to protect your latest investment. That brings me on to this… some of the alternative ‘cheaper’ smartphones on the market are brilliant. We have recently launched our Amazon Fire Phone Wallet. In order to develop this we had to get our hands on a Fire and give it some good use in order to develop a bespoke wallet that considers all of the features to ensure the end user has the benefit of a thought out design by a fellow user.


This was a very enlightening experience. The Fire phone is the slightly cheaper choice.. the Fire is generally free on a contract at around £30 per month with as much usage as you’d want, you generally get a free kindle fire and a free subscription to Amazon prime. That’s quite a deal compared to stumping up £50 per month for the iPhone 6 if you want a ‘free’ handset.


In our hands the Fire doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal that Jonny Ive’s iPhones have, it isn’t anodised aluminium or sapphire glass.. it’s plastic, but and it’s a big but… some of the tech packed into it is truly groundbreaking. We absolutely loved the Dynamic Perspective sensor system which tracks your head movement to adjust the 3D viewing angle. The depth of vision is excellent, yes it isn’t 3D as in a T-rex jumping out at you whilst you watch Jurassic Park ‘using your free prime subscription to Love Film’ but it is very impressive none the less with fantastic potential for app developers. The Dolby stereo speakers also add to the experience of TV watching and the 13mp camera seems to match up Samsung and Apple efforts.


So what don’t you get? Well for a start… it’s not an HTC, it’s not a Galaxy and it’s not an iPhone, you don’t get the instant kudos but we found everyone was keen to have a look and then have a play with FireFly trying to recognise TV shows and products whilst out and about to find it in Amazon’s mammoth catalogue of services and goods. The biggest problem is the lack of Apps, this is most likely a transient issue and as time goes on and the Fire finds it’s place in the market, more and more developers will switch onto the tech built into the Fire and i’d bet some amazing Apps are around the corner. If you are switching from iPhone or Android however, you will find 80% of your regular apps missing which takes some getting used to but nothing we found too hard to live with.


Our verdict… when buying your next device, don’t fall into the trap of buying what you know just because it is what you know, look around and give something else a try, you may save a little cash and find a little gem, or you will reinforce you love to the brand you love but at least you can say you tried!! Let us know what hidden gems you have found and we will look to try and add them to our range. Whatever device you use, remember that it can be enhanced very easily with the application of a genuine and premium leather TORRO case. Fire users, we’d love to know what you think! Have a great weekend one and all :-).

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