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Let's look at protecting more than the aesthetics of your device!

We’ve got you covered on the outside but are you protecting yourself on the inside?


Here at TORRO, it is our business to protect your mobile devices with as much style and luxury as possible. If you are reading this and you protect your device with a TORRO case, then that means 2 things; you want to keep your device safe, meaning you care about your investment and you want to do it with as much style and functionality as possible. For me, that’s the easy bit but is that your device 100% safe? Aesthetically, yes it is but doesn’t it go deeper than that? what about the stuff we can’t protect for you… yep that’s it, your data. Do you consider it, by that I mean and I bet 90% of people did…log onto an unsecured public wifi in a coffee shop over christmas because it came up “free public wifi” or simply “free wifi”. On the face of it why not, why use your rationed data bundle when the high street coffee shop no doubt have a robust enough router to take on a small town.


Well there is a good reason, hackers sometimes set up these signals for you to innocently connect, yes you do get free wifi access at the time but it can end up costing you a whole lot more. If it is a ‘hacker’ emitting the signal then he or she is no doubt using software to monitor your browsing activity and harvesting all the data. Some hackers are so sophisticated now that they may even be watching your screen or worse still, taking over access to your device and installing malware (malicious software) which will work it’s way through your device automatically sending data to the bad people. Next time you go for your super skinny gingerbread latte with hazelnut syrup, maybe just double check with the barrister as to which is the official store wifi.


There’s also passwords, hands up who uses the same password for everything and has used the same one since year dot…. now don’t you look silly looking at a computer screen with your hand in the air! Seriously though, hackers use high powered machines to mine passwords against usernames. Just see how long it would take a hacker to crack your password at this nifty little website https://howsecureismypassword.net , again to be on the safe side maybe connect via a proxy so you are anonymous to that particular website.


Proxy you say? Yes, using a browser like Mozilla Firefox is ideal for things like this, within the browser simply download an add-on such as ‘hola’ or the appropriately named ‘hidemyass’ to browse the net. You wont be as invisible as if you were using the TOR network which is a different article altogether (worth googling though if you are intrigued) but the website you visit wont be able to see your IP address, if they can’t harvest your IP then as long as you don’t type any data like your email etc then you are pretty safe on your travels around the web as long as you watch what links you click on and don’t download anything you don’t really know the provenance of. For those not sure ‘IP’ this stands for internet protocol and is basically your telephone number when your internet connection connects to the web, this number can be traced back to your internet account.


One last note, always update official software such as flash player, your chosen internet browser and operating software as the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft do work hard to eliminate glitches and add security software to keep you safe online.


I hope this has been useful to you as here at TORRO HQ we are committed to protecting everything about your online experience… and making you look good at the same time ;-)


TORRO team

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