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1997… The year I left school and started making a go of things on my own. It seems like yesterday to a 30 something like me. Back then Apple was struggling in a battle with Bill Gates and Microsoft who were about to release the iconic Windows 98… My first computer was a standalone beige device that sat in the corner of the room to be used for homework and playing the odd game or two. (Anyone remember the original Duke Nukem?) Back in 1997 Yahoo ruled the search engine world but it was nothing like it is today. Very much text based and very ‘directory’ like in order for 56K dial up modems to cope. In 1997 Google did not even exist. Now Apple and Google are now up there with the most valuable companies in the world. Tablets were something out of Star Trek… Wikipedia was CD Rom entitled ‘Encarta’… You get the idea…

The other night I watched the Film ‘Jobs’; the biopic about the late Steve Jobs. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest creative entrepreneurs of the 20th Century. The film begins and ends with the launch of the iPod in 2001; still 4 years away in 1997… I can’t imagine not having an iPod, but thats the point… when technology integrates into your life the way mp3 players, tablets, smartphones have you forget how you coped without them. (Try switching your smartphone or tablet off for 24hrs and you will see what I mean). Watching a film like this makes your realise how quickly technology can evolve and also emerge and create whole new marketplaces. (Apple did this with the iPod and then later with the iPad).

Who knows what the next new ‘marketplace’ will be… wearable tech and the increased integration of smart technology into our homes is the likely bet in the shorter term. Here at Torro we embrace new ideas and look forward to the future with excitement!

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