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What about Yosemite....

Yosemite is here


Apple Yosemite a.k.a OS X 10.10 is here to send you into a tailspin trying to find where all the buttons have been moved to and bring convergence between iOS and Macs.


Thus far we are finding the switch relatively smooth, my biggest fear on any OS update is normally trying to figure out how iTunes is going to hide the options it deems unimportant which also happen to be the ones I use. This time I have been pleasantly surprised, I peaked through my fingers when I fist opened up the app but it’s looking a little less clunky and more intuitive. The graphical interface is friendly and inviting and the new dark mode helps me work into the night without blinding me before bed making it now possible for the old human hardrive to cool down.


Although I’ve just loaded up iOS 8.1, I am already looking forward to taking on handoff to start working on my iPad…..i mean iPhone 6 Plus then picking up right where I left off on the mac. The instant hotspot feature is useful for those wanting to connect their Macs to the internet whilst out and about, although not finding WiFi is hardly the problem it was even in 2010 but useful none the less.


Sign with Trackpad is a winner on the Mail app and Preview, simply go to “add signature” and select the trackpad option to make a fumbled attempt of an e-signature. Mail also now allows the annotation of pictures and PDFs which is a little gem of functionality for students and professionals.


The headline function is the SMS and calling function which again having just acquired iOS 8.1 I am yet to fully experience, this will save me a lot of time, I’m connected to my Mac by keychain so not needing to stop every two minutes to look at my phone will be, well not a life changer but something I will soon forget I ever had the inconvenience of doing a bit like the mental effort it took to decide whether you could be bother to wind down your car window in the days of windy windows! Anyway all this talk of Macs has got our creative juices flowing and the design sheets are out for Macbooks. Whilst you are now more inclined than ever to get the Macbook out of the house with instant hotspot it is our job to ensure you get it home again in the same pristine condition as it left.




Torro Team

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