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Education or distraction?

Kids and technology


Gone are the days when all you need to do at the start of a new school year is buy a new uniform, shoes and stationary. Most kids will be going back to school with iPods, mobile phones and tablets. The morning routine won’t just be checking that their shoes are polished and they’ve got their P.E kit you’ll also be making sure that their mobile devices are fully charged! Technology in the classroom, will it help our kids achieve a better education or will it lead them distraction?

With the wide variety of Apps available some schools have chosen to heavily invest in iPads and use Apps as a tool for learning with great success. How does your local school use mobile devices as a learning tool? What Apps enhance education?

This also begs us to also ask which Apps distract from education… Angry birds, Candy crush, Facebook, Snapchat this list could go on. If not controlled properly teaching can be interrupted by the frivolous use of mobile devices. Who teaches the teacher about this method of learning?

What happens when pupils own mobile devices are used unsanctioned? Are they confiscated? Is there a cupboard in the staff room with a dozen mobile phone in? This could equate to thousands of pounds worth of technology! Or does your school have a policy which forbids pupils to bring their mobile devices to school therefore keeping distraction out of the classroom?

Whatever new experience your kids will have this week you can bet that the teachers are having to adapt their skills to keep these new ways of learning effective, constructive and inline with newly implemented social media policy that protects both pupils and teachers alike in this technology hungry society.

Whether you’re a pupil or a teacher Torro Cases want to hear from you! You might even get a free case!

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