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September 9th - iPhone 6...?

September 9th is now widely regarded to be the day when Apple announce details of the next iPhone. As usual Apple fans around the world are speculating about the new handset or handsets that are about to be released. Here at Torro Cases we love tech… Samsung and HTC are pushing boundaries with some great and powerful handsets but there’s something about Apple’s iPhone that has a special place with us…

Its all just rumour and speculation until we see the new handset held aloft by Tim Cook on September 9th so we will all have to wait until then to know for certain what the new iPhone will be like. Apple seem to delight to disappoint with their announcements so with that in mind I think we are unlikely to see the much anticipated iWatch, however you never know! Here is a couple of things that we think will defiantly be part of the new handset.

One size fits all - Despite the rumours I really don’t think we are going to see two different iPhone sizes. It is likely to be slightly bigger corner to corner. (4.7inch). The current iPhone is one of the only smartphones that can still easily be used with one hand… I don’t think Apple will want to mess with this too much… The retina display in the iPhone is power hungry and any increase in screen size will require an increase in battery power - something Apple has in the past struggled with.

Gorilla into the mist - Gorilla glass that is used in the current iPhones will be replaced by sapphire glass. Apple has invested heavily in this technology over the last 18 months and currently uses Sapphire glass on the Touch ID fingerprint reader and the camera sensor cap. Expect your new iPhone screen to be Sapphire glass, much stronger and harder to crack. Will broken screens from dropping your iPhone be a thing of the past? Hopefully!

Whatever size or sizes of handsets Apple announce you can be rest assured that Torro Cases will be releasing a range of high quality genuine leather covers for your new iPhone as soon as possible. Let us know what you think the new iPhone will be like below.

Enjoy your weekend!

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