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Your tech moment of 2014 so far

What’s your best technology moment of 2014 so far, what’s made the difference to you this year, maybe an app or maybe a device.. or maybe getting a new Torro case ;-). Tech brings joy to our lives, at times very, very real frustration but the majority of technological additions to the world we individually live in only make things that little bit easier.

For me, it was using the Disney app at Disneyworld earlier this year. The app gives real time updates for queue times on attractions, this was great for darting around the theme parks and not wasting time by hitting splash mountain at the wrong time when I could be sailing the seven seas with Johnny Depp and the pirates of the Caribbean. This was a simple little change to my holiday but saved me the most important thing in the world…. Time… time to enjoy my break that little bit more. What was also extremely useful was the Torro wallet case I took to keep as small amount of cash and my park tickets to save carrying a bag or purse.

The other little gem I have been really impressed with recently is the Bose soundlink mini. Big big sound from such a small and portable unit. The battery life is good so you can take it into the garden or to another part of your home, with the device having Bluetooth connectivity there is no need to put that precious smartphone down for a second as you can stream your music or radio ‘from handy little apps like tunein’ from your phone straight to the unit.

These are the little things so far in 2014 where tech has made my life that little bit simpler. We at Torro would love to know yours.

Have a wonderful day


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